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School Profile

H.B. Anderson Elementary School is located in the city of Garden Grove adjacent to the city of Westminster. H.B. Anderson is part of the Westminster School District, and serves 564 students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Additionally, 98 preschoolers attend Anderson. This is one of the oldest suburban areas in Orange County.

The current population of the City of Garden Grove is 166,000. This city population is made up of 44% White, 24% Hispanic, 30% Asian, 1% African American, and 1% other. Anderson’s own population differs from that of the city. Anderson’s population is made up of 3% White, 54% Asian, and 41% Hispanic or Latino, and 2% other ethnic groups.

During the current year, Anderson received funding for Title I, Title III, EIA-LEP, and EIA-CE. The district provides funding for RSP, Speech, and Guidance. The school currently has four Special Education classes and State Preschool classes. Federally funded breakfast and lunch programs are also offered at Anderson School.

There are a total of 25 classroom teachers. We also have one part time computer lab assistant, one library media assistant, and one part-time Title I clerk-typist. In addition, there is one 30% teacher for reading and math intervention, one Primary Support Teacher, two part-time Community Liaisons, and one speech and language pathologist.  Additional services and technical assistance are provided by the District through a psychologist (one day per week), a school nurse (one day per week), and one part-time health assistant.